Our Qualifications

Art Rosser launched his financial advisory practice in 2006, after 15 years as a small business owner. Art's first-hand knowledge of the ebb and flow of business is an asset for his clients, whether individuals or small business owners.

Both of his parents were educators who lost no opportunity to teach: he and his sister learned early to research and report on anything they didn’t understand. His dad was a craftsman who relied on the family to build two of their homes. The skills of research, planning and building apply to finances and futures as much as to dwellings, and Art will help you build yours.

Art believes that good habits and moderation contribute to a rich and pleasurable life. Saving is a habit, and not overdoing anything too often, nor neglecting what needs to be done for too long. He’s an avid sportsman and has been since childhood. Nearly every day he’ll walk, run, bike, box or play guitar. Otherwise, you’ll find him reading, gardening, cooking, fishing, or savoring some other delicious aspect of life.

He and his wife Robin hit it off right away and became an item the night after they met. Two decades later, they are still best pals, traveling, bowling, entertaining, and tending their four-legged child.